Title File Language
Comparison of Different Scaling Methods for Model Tests with CLT Propellers ICHD2014 PDF icon ICHD2014-CLT.pdf English
CLT Propellers for De Poli 19,800 DWT Chem Tankers at Ningbo Xinle PDF icon PressRelease02-10-2014_ENG.pdf English
CLT Propellers SINM report 350-14 PDF icon Report350-14.pdf English
CLT Propeller SMM2014 presentation PDF icon CLT_SMM2014_Presentation.pdf English
CLT Propellers SMM2014 flyer PDF icon FlyerSMM2014.pdf English
CLT Propellers ICHD2104 Draft Paper PDF icon ICHD2014-CLT - ABSTRACT-final.pdf English
CLT Propeller new delivery 25-06-2014 PDF icon PressRelease25-06-2014_ENG.pdf English
TTM PTO Elastic Coupling Failures PDF icon TTM PTO Elastic Coupling Failures.pdf Italian, English
TTM Hydrolock in Medium Speed Diesel Engines PDF icon TTM Hydrolock in Medium Speed Diesel Engines.pdf Italian, English
TTM Bronze vs Steel Propellers PDF icon TTM Bronze vs Steel Propellers.pdf Italian, English
TTM Break Bulk Lashing PDF icon TTM Break Bulk Lashing.pdf Italian, English
CLT Propellers IMAM2011 Paper Adalid Gennaro PDF icon IMAM2011_AdalidGennaro_CLTPaper.pdf English
CLT Propellers SNAME Athens 2012 Presentation PDF icon CLT_SNAME_Athens2012_Presentation.pdf English
CLT Propellers SNAME Athens 2012 Speech PDF icon CLT_SNAME_Athens2012_Speech.pdf English
CLT Propellers Supplement to InfoMarine 2012 PDF icon CLT_Supplement_2012.pdf English