1888 Gennaro Consulting, having built upon decades of professional experiences, is in a unique position to provide superior technical consultancy. We are not the “simple” surveyors or consultants as our knowledge and expertise comes from years of professional practice as Ship Owners, Ship Managers, Failure Investigators, Mechanical and Marine Engineers.

Our consultancy services can be divided into two categories:

  • increasing profitability
  • mechanical engineering and naval issues

Consultancy aimed at increasing profitability

This category comprises services meant to minimize the total cost of Ownership, which we do by increasing the efficiency, reliability and availability of the assets. We focus on optimization of technical specification, prior to the building of the assets, suggesting effective actions that, for a small CAPEX, allow for a substantial decrease in OPEX. For existing assets the scenario is more complicated but good gains can still be achieved, in particular by optimising the maintenance strategy and processes. Among our services:

  • Review of Specification / Design of New Buildings to increase Efficiency and Reliability (selection matching of components, reliability of systems, propulsion efficiency...).
  • Technical / Economic feasibility studies.
  • Technical and Energy Audits of Ships in Service to increase Efficiency and Reliability.
  • Design of unconventional high efficiency Tip Loaded Propellers.
  • Ship Propulsion Optimization and Propulsion Monitoring.
  • Planning and Supervision of Model Test and of Sea Trials.
  • Consultancy on digitalization, AI and expert systems aimed at monitoring Asset status and performance.

Consultancy related to mechanical engineering and naval issues

This category comprises services meant to investigate, solve and prevent mechanical failures to machinery, engines, plants, equipment. We have developed considerable experience in power generation, ship propulsion, and machinery in general (on shore, marine, oil & gas, yachts and mega yachts). We have carried out failure investigation on many Diesel engines, turbochargers, steam and gas turbines, gearboxes, drive trains, bearings, with problems ranging from metallurgic to thermal creep, corrosion, stress corrosion, fatigue, thermal fatigue, incorrect design (scantling, arrangement, selection of components), incorrect installation, substandard filtration, incorrect maintenance.
We support our clients not only in recovering losses but also in ensuring that the failures will not happen again. Among our services:

  • Plant and Machinery damage survey (marine, on shore, offshore).
  • Casualty Investigations, Analysis on Causation, Root Cause Analysis, Litigation Support and Forensic Engineering in respect to mechanical and machinery related failures and accidents.
  • Review of claims.
  • Expert Advice in disputes and litigations.
  • Expert Witness.
  • Design and Supervision of plant and machinery repairs also with the aim of providing a definitive solution to repetitive failures.